Peeping Tom caught in the act: Male suspect disguised as female apprehended in Hsinchu’s Taroko Square

Peeping Tom caught in the act: Male suspect disguised as female apprehended in Hsinchu’s Taroko Square

TAIWAN — In a shocking incident at Hsinchu’s Taroko Square, a male suspect disguised as a woman, with long hair and a short skirt, was apprehended while attempting to invade the privacy of females in a video voyeurism act.

According to Setn news, a Taiwanese media outlet, the incident took place on Saturday (3 Jun) at 12.20 pm in the afternoon, specifically at the first-floor women’s restroom within the commercial square.

Two female victims entered the restroom and became aware of a long-legged “hot girl” wearing a short skirt and yellow stockings, who was exhibiting strange behaviour and closely following them.

One of the victims, using a squat toilet, was startled to discover a cell phone positioned above her, pointed directly at her. This frightening encounter prompted her to urgently seek help from her husband, who was waiting outside.

A video shared on Facebook captures the moment when the male suspect is intercepted by a mall security officer, accompanied by the victim’s husband.

The mall management promptly contacted the police upon receiving the report, leading to their swift arrival at the scene. As the suspect attempted to flee and destroy evidence, mall personnel prevented him from escaping.

Concerned about the possibility of the suspect carrying weapons, the mall staff secured his bag while emphasizing on video for self-protection, “We won’t touch your belongings.”

The police confirmed the receipt of the incident report and promptly addressed the situation. After clarifying the case details, the suspect was charged with the crime of violating privacy.

In collaboration with the mall’s security personnel, the police conducted additional inspections in relevant areas to prevent similar incidents.

They also emphasized the criminal nature of using tools or devices to pry into or eavesdrop on others’ private activities, conversations, or bodily privacy, urging people not to engage in such behaviour.

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