Routine surveillance review unearths multi-year theft from long-time cashier in Singapore minimart

Routine surveillance review unearths multi-year theft from long-time cashier in Singapore minimart

SINGAPORE— During a routine review of the surveillance footage, a minimart owner was shocked to discover that one of his part-time employees had allegedly stolen approximately S$80 from the shop.

However, further investigation uncovered a startling revelation: another long-time female employee, who had been working at the store for six years, was also allegedly involved in a breach of trust.

The estimated total amount stolen by the long-time employee over the years is around S$100,000 to S$150,000.

Daniel Tan Boon Huat, the 43-year-old Angel Supermart owner, a neighborhood supermarket, took to Facebook on Sunday (28 May) to disclose the incident involving a female part-time employee who was caught stealing from the store.

In an interview with the Chinese media outlet Shin Min Daily News, Mr Tan revealed that a 53-year-old female part-time cashier worked at one of his minimart branches located below Block 631 at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8.

It was during a routine review of the surveillance footage that Mr Tan accidentally discovered her engaging in theft.

According to Mr Tan, the female part-time employee would directly pocket the money without recording the transaction into the mart’s system while handling customer payments. She managed to steal approximately S$80 before being apprehended and subsequently arrested.

To Mr Tan’s astonishment, while scrutinizing the surveillance footage, he noticed suspicious behaviour from another female cashier, aged 46, who held a senior position within the shop.

Upon closer examination, it became apparent that she had been stealing money from the cash register on multiple occasions.

During a confrontation with the employee, using the surveillance footage as evidence, she admitted to stealing money every day for the past month.

Irregularities while handling customer payment

Mr Tan observed irregularities in the senior female employee’s actions while handling customer payments. “After scanning the items purchased by customers, she would seemingly clear the transaction records in the cash register.”

To verify his observations, Mr Tan cross-referenced the transaction records in the cash register with the time stamps on the surveillance footage.

“The result confirmed that she was indeed scanning items while erasing the records, and customers were completely unaware.”

A total of 21 transactions were falsely deleted by the employee under false pretences, leading both customers and management to believe that everything was in order.

It is estimated that losses from that single day alone amount to approximately S$100 to S$150.

The police have confirmed receiving reports regarding the two cases, and an ongoing investigation is currently underway.

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