Chinese netizens express outrage as murder case involving official’s son finally goes to court one year after the crime

Chinese netizens express outrage as murder case involving official’s son finally goes to court one year after the crime

GUIZHOU, CHINA — A wave of outrage has swept across Weibo, a popular social media platform in China, as users demand justice for a male journalist who was brutally murdered by a colleague last year.

The murder case is considered one of the most heinous and egregious in Guiyang City in recent memory.

The suspect, 36-year-old Zeng Yang, is allegedly the son of a local retired police officer, but his case was only brought to trial more than a year after the incident as he continues to deny his guilt.

Ms Ao Linchan(敖林禅), the victim’s mother, was left with no choice but to make a distressed call on social media Douyin, to expose the crime online, hoping that the case could be heard by the authorities.

Her son, 27-year-old Ni Qingqing, was hired to work in Guiyang’s Baiyun District TV Tourism Broadcasting Media Center.

However, on 7 February last year, due to work-related issues, Zeng Yang locked his son in the office and brutally killed him with a knife and chainsaw.

Victim’s mother allegedly that her petition rejected by local authorities for multiple times, but told to cremate her son’s body 

In the video, which appears to be recorded after five months after the murder, Ms Ao alleged that she had petitioned the matter to various departments in Baiyun District and Guiyang, but has been rejected multiple times.

Moreover, the police department in the district allegedly repeatedly told Ms Ao to cremate her son’s body.

“Is it because the perpetrator’s father is a retired police officer in Guiyang, and officials are shielding each other?”

“As a common citizen and the mother of a victim, I have contacted multiple departments but have not received any solutions,” Ms Ao said with a weeping tone in the video.

“I believe in a country governed by the rule of law; my son will receive fair treatment, and the perpetrator will be brought to justice according to the law.”

Chinese would commonly call those descendants of governmental officials as “second generation of officials (官二代)”.

There has been growing sentiment of anger and resentment among some Chinese people towards those who are born into influential families and have connections in high places within the government, giving them access to wealth and power that is often abused.

Ms Ao’s online petition has recently resurfaced in Chinese media, with reports indicating that the murder case was brought before the Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court on 23 February of this year, almost one year after the alleged murder occurred.

The culprit allegedly made 30 wounds all over Ni’s body

Local media reports suggest that Zeng Yang had allegedly harassed a female colleague in the past, and was confronted by Ni Qingqing on that occasion.

On the day of the incident, Ni was delayed at work and Zeng threatened to report him to the supervisor. Ni then carelessly said, “You’re already 30 years old and still snitching.”

Ni’s reply angered Zeng, and he assaulted Ni. In the end, the two parties mediated at the police station.

At 4 pm, Zeng returned to the office building, locked the emergency door and killed Ni with a chainsaw and boning knife in front of other colleagues.

He allegedly made over 30 cuts to Ni’s head, chest, neck, lungs, and liver, causing Ni’s neck to be severed, his scalp to be cut off, his trachea and esophagus to be severed, intestines to be ruptured, and liver and lungs to be lacerated, leading to respiratory failure and death.

What’s even worse is that Zeng Yang calmly filmed the video afterward and wrote in his Moments: “There is a lunatic who is about to die, hehe”.

Mother of the victim wants the culprit sentenced to death

The mother had asserted that she will not accept civil compensation and had only one request: that Zeng Yang be sentenced to death and executed immediately.

In court, Zeng Yang pleaded not guilty and committed a series of contempt of court behaviours, such as hitting tables, benches, and microphones, as well as threatening the victims’ families.

He even reversed his confession and displayed an extremely arrogant attitude.

Weibo users questioned why the matter only brought to court after one year

Weibo users expressed shock upon hearing about the incident, as there had been no reports on it for almost a year until it was brought to the court.

A comment wrote: “The most terrifying thing about the Zeng Yang’s case is not only the viciousness of using a chainsaw in broad daylight, but also the fact that such a horrifying thing was able to be kept hidden from the outside world for over a year.”

A netizen commented: “It took almost a year to get a first-instance trial. It seems that if you have money and power, you can do whatever you want, even kill someone without paying for it. Is that right?”

“The incident happened in my hometown. It is heartbroken to see Guizhou police do nothing for such a crime! The country does not need police officers who shield each other. Please give Ni Qingqing a fair trial!”

“May I ask how powerful the people behind this to be able to completely block the news? Will the scales of justice tilt towards the “official second generation”? Why is there a page without any content? Murder must be punished, Zeng Yang, the murderer, must be sentenced to death and executed immediately, and justice must be served for the victim, Ni Qingqing!”

“It’s been a year since this case happened, and only now do we know about it. This heinous case has only surfaced because the murderer is an official’s second-generation. Who can still believe in justice?”


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