Auntie in Sichuan, China, driven to work every day in Bentley for dishwashing job

Auntie in Sichuan, China, driven to work every day in Bentley for dishwashing job

CHINA— In Sichuan, China, an ordinary-looking aunt who works as a dishwasher at a hotel, has impressed many netizens by arriving at and leaving work every day in a luxurious car.

This story, which has been widely shared on Chinese social media, has garnered admiration for the “hidden rich” aunt who chooses to work as a dishwasher out of interest.

The aunt dressed in plain clothes, rubber boots and an apron, and her appearance is indistinguishable from that of a typical cleaning worker.

Despite her humble appearance, it turns out that she is actually driven to work every day by her daughter in a Bentley.

During an interview, she revealed that her family has never lacked money, but she was simply too bored and restless staying at home.

She took the job at the hotel as a way to pass the time and found that she enjoyed washing dishes.

“I feel uncomfortable all over if I don’t wash dishes for a day,” she told the media.

Netizens say the hotel will not go out of business as the auntie wants to do dishwashing

Some netizens have jokingly commented that as long as the auntie wants to do dishwashing, the hotel will not go out of business.

One netizen even created a fictional dialogue:

“Hotel: Ah, we can’t keep going anymore, we can’t even afford the rent.

Auntie: It’s okay, I’ll waive your rent for you. If you have any difficulties, just tell me. Don’t hide it from me. I’m going to wash dishes now.”

Another humorous comment read: “the restaurant owner: Something that you might not believe – out of everyone in the restaurant, I’m actually the poorest.”

Some netizens expressed their admiration for the hardworking auntie, saying, “Auntie, you are truly a hardworking person. I hope you can always be happy, healthy, and live a long life.”

“Indeed, she just doesn’t want to detach from society, She enjoys the bustling environment and prefers to delegate household chores to others. Money is not an issue for her. The elderly should be able to live life as they please.”

“The auntie’s mindset is really good. She could have lived a comfortable life without having to work so hard, but she still chose to work.”

“The aunt have a life, while I’m struggling for survival.”

One netizen shared a personal anecdote, saying, “There’s an old lady in my neighborhood who loves collecting scrap, and her son’s Porsche helps her transport things. Even if someone tries to stop her, she will still pursue her hobby.”

“Reminds me of when my husband just started his business, we wanted to hire an auntie to cook and clean for us, and then our office landlord’s came to apply for the job.”



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