Graduate student falls into gap on Sentosa pedestrian bridge, Sentosa Development Corporation apologises

Graduate student falls into gap on Sentosa pedestrian bridge, Sentosa Development Corporation apologises

A female graduate student fell into a wooden board gap while walking on the pedestrian bridge between Sentosa and VivoCity, causing a large bruise on the outer side of her right thigh. She had to undergo seven X-rays and was unable to walk normally for a week as a result.

Ms Qian (22 years old, graduate student) told a reporter from Shin Min Daily News that around 8 pm on the evening of last month’s 17th, she was walking with a friend along the pedestrian bridge from Sentosa to HarbourFront when she accidentally stepped into a big hole, causing her right leg to fall straight down.

“At that time, the street lamps around were dim, and I did not notice that there was a missing wooden board on the pedestrian bridge, nor were there any warning signs placed around.”

She said that her entire right leg fell into the gap, causing a large bruise on the outer side of her right thigh, and her left knee was also scraped against the ground.

“My friend beside me quickly pulled me up when he saw what happened, and many people around saw it, making me feel embarrassed. Although my right leg was very painful at the time, I rested for a while on the side and then went home.”

But after returning home, she found that her leg was getting more and more painful and couldn’t lie on her side. The next day, she went to the National University Hospital for treatment.

“I spent a total of six hours in the emergency room, underwent seven X-rays, and luckily, it was diagnosed that my leg bones were fine, only the skin was injured. However, my leg injury made me limp for at least a week, affecting my internship and studies.”

She said that the bruise on her leg has not completely disappeared yet, and there are still small lumps when touched, so she plans to seek medical treatment again.

Refusing to sign a confidentiality agreement, the woman shared her experience on social media.

On the second day of the incident, Ms Qian reported the situation and filed a claim through the online customer service of Sentosa’s website.

A few days later, the other party said that the compensation application had been approved but asked her to sign a discharge voucher before returning the $132.5 medical expenses to her.

“But this discharge voucher has attached conditions, including asking me to keep the incident confidential and not disclose any information to the public. At the same time, Sentosa stated that agreeing to compensate does not mean admitting responsibility.”

She believes that compensation should not have any conditions, so she refused to sign and shared her experience on social media.

“During this period, I contacted different staff, but no one cared about my injuries or apologized to me.”

Sentosa Development Corporation apologized and is willing to compensate for medical expenses.

When asked about the incident, the Sentosa Development Corporation expressed regret for the student’s fall on the pedestrian bridge.

“After receiving the news, we immediately investigated and repaired it. The project was completed on March 21.”

The corporation also stated that they have been in contact with the female student after the incident.

“We have called and emailed her multiple times to express our apologies and concerns and provide assistance as much as possible. We also offered goodwill payment for her medical expenses claim.”

The corporation emphasized that the safety and health of tourists are of utmost importance.

“We will continue to review the safety of the pedestrian bridge and ensure that visitors can safely enjoy their time on Sentosa.”

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