Russian man’s TikTok video sparks conversation on priority queues at Singapore MRT station

Russian man’s TikTok video sparks conversation on priority queues at Singapore MRT station

A Russian man, has taken to social media to share his frustrating experience when travelling with his children in stroller at MRT stations in Singapore.

The man named Pavel Semanov uploaded a video on social media TikTok recently, highlighting the disregard for “priority queues” that are intended for needy commuters, including those travelling with stroller.

The incident occurred at Caldecott MRT station, where Mr Pavel was waiting for the lift with his two children in a stroller.

Despite clear signage indicating a “priority queue,” several commuters crowded in front of the lift, seems ignoring Mr Pavel and his two kids.

“What are priorities in Singapore? When you’re standing with a stroller, but everyone else has crowded into the elevator ahead of you, ” he said in the video.

When the lift arrived, most of the commuters squeezed in, with only one woman noticing Mr Pavel and his kids and shifting away from the door.

Mr Pavel also tagged Give-Way Glenda in his video, which is an initiative by the Land Transport Authority towards Gracious Commuting.

The initiative, launched in 2014, aims to remind commuters to be more considerate when travelling via public transport.


#Singapore #MRT #TikTokSG #Twins #Baby #Lift #GiveWayGlenda Thanks for help 🙂 at next trying. I can come in!

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Mr Pavel’s video has since gone viral, with many Singaporeans expressing their support for his call for greater consideration on public transport.

Some TikToker expressed empathy towards Semenov’s situation, noting that they understand how frustrating it can be when people ignore priority queues. They also commended Semenov for his patience and tolerance during the incident.

Other netizens suggested that Mr Pavel should stand nearer to the elevator, so that other commuters can more easily notice him and give way.

However, some parents shared their own experiences of dealing with similar situations, and expressed solidarity with Mr Pavel:

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