Restaurant owner’s kind gesture brings Malaysian man to tears, video goes viral on TikTok

Restaurant owner’s kind gesture brings Malaysian man to tears, video goes viral on TikTok

MALAYSIA — A man was brought to tears when he was provided with two food packets asking for food for his children at a restaurant.

The incident occurred at Ayam Gepuk Pak Agus in Kajang, Selangor, and was posted on TikTok by the restaurant proprietor Shafiq Razak on 7 March.

In the video, a man was seen reluctantly entering a restaurant to ask for free food to feed his two children.

The video description wrote: “We(the restaurant) were approached by someone who begged for food, saying that it was for his two children who had not eaten yet.”

“Our hearts were touched, and we immediately gave him food for free. He said he would pay us back later when he had money.”

“We respect him for putting aside his ego for the sake of his children’s stomachs. Let’s not judge his situation because everyone has their own circumstances, as long as they are not stealing. It’s okay, brother, we’ll treat you.”

The video has now been viewed over 1.5 million times, and the generous nature shown by the restaurant owner left a positive moral impact on the public.


Kami didatangai seorang yang merayu minta makanan. katanya untuk 2 orang anak dia yang tak makan lagi. Luruh hati kami terus kami beri makanan untuk dia percuma. katanya nak bayar nanti bila ada duit. kami respect abg sanggup buang ego untuk perut anak2. jangan kita judge keadaan dia sebab situasi masing2 , asalkan tak mencuri dah la. takpe bang kami belanja ok! -Ayam Gepuk PAK AGUS pedas terciduk cawangan kajang. #ayamgepukpakagus #kajang #help #fyp #foryoupage #viral

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Owner told staff to prepare complete set of meals, added with extra rice

When contacted by Malaysia’s online media mStar, Muhammad Shafiq Razak, the owner of Ayam Gepuk Pak Agus restaurant in Bandar Kajang, said that during the incident, he was at a nearby car workshop.

However, one of his staff informed him of the man’s presence in the afternoon of 6 March and after reviewing the CCTV footage, he asked his employee named Tiara to donate food and drinks to the individual.

“My staff called me at around 6:25 pm and told me that someone had come to ask for food because his two children hadn’t eaten yet. The CCTV in my shop can be watched live through the phone, so I immediately checked the situation of the man.”

“I saw that he seemed to be in distress. I immediately asked the staff to prepare a complete set of Ayam Gepuk, which includes rice, soy sauce, chicken, vegetables, tofu, and tempeh. I asked them to add extra rice for him,” Shafiq told mStar.

The man promised to pay back when he had money

Shafiq added that what surprised him was when the man suddenly burst into tears after his request was fulfilled.

“After giving him the food… my staff said he was surprised because the man suddenly burst into tears after receiving the food package. He repeatedly said thank you. He also prayed for us to be blessed with more prosperity.”

According to Shafiq, the man had promised to come back and pay for the food when he had money, but his staff refused the offer and considered it as a goodwill donation.

In the video, the staff was seen handing mineral water to the man. Shafiq explained that his staff asked him if he wanted any sweet drinks, but the latter said his children don’t drink cold drinks, and the staff gave him mineral water.

“After that, he took the food and left while wiping away tears, ” Shafiq recalled.

In the 2021 Global Hunger Index, Malaysia ranked 58th from 116 countries surveyed and with a score of 12.8, Malaysia is considered to have a moderate position.

Netizens applaud restaurant owner’s kindness

The netizens were impressed by the kindness of the restaurant owner and expressed their gratitude towards him. One TikToker wrote:

“Thank you, brother. Every person’s story is different from the others. I respect you, bro.”

The restaurant owner replied: “Yes, the most important thing is that he was in a state of emergency.”

“It’s true, let’s help as much as we can, because I believe that when the people take care of each other, it’s better than anything else. You know what I mean,” the TikToker told Shafiq.

Ariazdiaz commented: “Not all food sellers are willing to donate to those in dire need. This sister (referring to the restaurant staff) sincerely helped. May Allah bless her with abundance.”

Tiktoker Wai-wai commented: “He wiped away his tears.”

Another Tiktoker lamented that even though it’s the year 2023, cars still can’t fly but money seems to fly away easily. She wished for abundant blessings for the restaurant owner and his family, as well as for the man who was given food.

Another Tiktoker wrote: “The difference between poor people and syndicates is that syndicates ask for money, while poor people ask for food.”


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