by Lowinsky

The English people have a saying, “why not let sleeping dogs lie?”

By this, they mean that when a situation is already calm and settled nobody should go and disturb it. In other words, they should leave it well alone.

Lee Kuan Yew passed away eight years ago, and his family should let him enjoy his final rest even though he did say that he would climb up from his grave if something in Singapore were to go wrong.

Still, they should let him rest. They should not work him so hard over a property that he had clearly said to his daughter that he wanted it demolished. And if he had taken the trouble to ensure that the demolition clause be included in his final will and had asked his daughter-in-law to help him do that they should not undo what he has done.

So for the life of many Singaporeans, they do not understand why his eldest son, the Prime Minister of Singapore, keeps resurrecting his father in Parliament to threaten his younger brother and his wife when all they were trying to do is to be loyal and true to their father’s last wishes.

Why did he allow his Senior Minister to orchestrate a question in Parliament in order to trot out an event that the police had visited and summoned his brother and his wife for questioning some eight months ago?

Why was this event not reported eight months ago? Surely the fact of the police investigating such a prominent couple over Oxley Gate must be a matter of public concern. But nothing was reported in the mainstream media and yet eight months later it is blown up on the front page and the entire page 2 of the Straits Times. There must be some reason for this public orchestration.

Yes, of course we are only six months away from the Presidential Election due in September this year. And there is speculation that his wife, Ho Ching, is planning to contest the office.

But whether that turns out to be true or otherwise and irregardless of whomsoever should step up to throw his hat in the ring, given the deep insecurity of the current Prime Minister, he would want to make sure that only a candidate of his choice will contest and win.

The present incumbent of the Presidency a former Speaker and Member of Parliament from his party is such an example where she did not even have to contest to get into the Istana.

Therefore the question of who should be the next president must be a vexing one, and obviously, it must not be his brother.

If he were to get into the Istana he will have to spend much of his time thinking of how to fix him. So it is better to fix him now and disqualify him from contesting by alleging that both he and his wife had lied under oath to the Court on the matter of Oxley Gate and were they to return, they are likely to face the prospect of being arrested and imprisoned.

This 71-year-old man has lost his touch with governing the country and he cannot leave well alone. He wants to win at all costs but even if his wife were to win the Presidency it will leave a very sour taste in the people’s mouths and that will have a knock-on effect on the next General Election due no later than 2025.

So our advice to him is to let sleeping dogs lie and to leave well alone, for if not, he will do further irreparable damage to the House that his father built.

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