Police investigating parade with ‘armored’ Terengganu PAS youth wielding replica swords, spears and shields

Police investigating parade with ‘armored’ Terengganu PAS youth wielding replica swords, spears and shields

TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA — Cosplaying? Members of Terengganu PAS ( Malaysian Islamic Party) Youth were seen wearing costumes reminiscent of medieval Islamic warfare and equipped with replica swords, spears, and shields.

It was revealed that the procession was part of the two-day PAS Youth gathering known as the 2023 Terengganu Islamic Youth Gathering (Himpit) program in Setiu on Friday (17 Feb).

The costume parade, which caught the eyes of many netizens, was one of the activities at the event.

PAS Youth members from different state contingents participated in the parade, eager to win the prizes. They pulled out all the stops and came up with creative and unique costumes, such as a carnival train, a decorated motorcycle sidecar, a plane replica, and a DIY military cosplay (costume play).

Furthermore, a pickup truck carrying a large fake sword on its cargo bed was also spotted.

The youth members, dressed in green-themed militant medieval costumes, were also witnessed standing on the back of the moving pickup truck.

The event, which was shared on Terengganu PAS Youth’s Facebook page, also featured the presence of the leader, Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Police Investigating

According to Malay Media Utusan Malaysia, Datuk Rohaimi Md. Isa, Terengganu police chief, said they would continue the investigation to identify the possible wrongdoings in the parade.

He said that based on the investigation so far, the parade contingent was one of the competitors in the program, which featured Islamic attire, weapons, and heritage.

“The program was found to have taken place at a resort in Setiu last Friday, and the parade event, as reported on social media, was attended by PAS members from all districts.”

“However, out of all the districts in the state participating in the competition, only participants from one district wore clothing and replica objects resembling weapons, ” Datuk Rohaimi added.

“The program was already known to the police, but we were not informed about the parade competition,” he said in a statement issued yesterday.

According to Rohaimi, the spread of the issue has also caused dissatisfaction and anxiety among some members of the community, especially in this state.

“The police will conduct an investigation into the wrongdoing during the event and take appropriate action,” he said.

“Allegation claims the parade incite provocation and violence inaccurate”, said Terengganu PAS Youth Chief

However, Mohd Harun Esa, Terengganu PAS Youth Chief, defended that it was part of the theme selected by the contingent participating in the organized competition.

He clarified that the allegations claiming that the gathering served as a platform to incite provocation and violence were inaccurate and far from the original objective.

“There is no such thing as violence and provocation, in fact, it is fascinating to see the creativity of representatives from various areas showcasing their individual ideas.”

“It is similar to parades and ‘cosplay’ competitions that are held throughout the country, where they exhibit their favourite hero weapons. Even classic struggle movies that utilize weapons are also accepted in society,” he said in a statement on Sunday.

Mr Harun said the program that brings together all of the Terengganu PAS Youth’s machinery is an annual event that has been held since 1991.

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