KEDAH, MALAYSIA — Netizens showered praises upon the story of a Malaysian cleaner for selling his land to donate two dialysis machines to the centre where he works, hoping to help those patients in need.

A netizen named Izhar Azimat, who works as a property agent in Alor Setar, shared this touching story on Facebook.

He said the compassionate cleaner “Kali”, or known with his full name Kalipulizan was one of his clients.

Mr Kali reached out to Mr Izhar last year and appointed the latter to sell his land property.

“He works at a dialysis centre, doesn’t even own a car, just riding motor to go to work, go shopping or for strolling elsewhere.”

After Kali’s land was successfully sold as requested, Mr Izhar asked Kali: “What do you want to do with money from selling the land?”

Kali simply replied that he want to “spend it (belanja)”.

He then bought two dialysis machines with the money and donated them to the dialysis centre where he works.

Mr Izhar shared that the two machines which cost RM80, 000 (approximately USD$18,912), were sent to the centre on Tuesday (31 January).

“His name is Kali, he is truly a “person”, ” Mr Izhar concluded. In the photo he shared, Mr Kali can be seen taking a photo with the newly bought machines which he donated to the centre.

“A person rich in soul”

Mr Izhar’s Facebook post has since gone viral on Facebook, garnering over 4,300 likes, and shared by 3,000 Facebook users.

Some netizens commented on the post, and praising the cleaner Kali as a person with a “rich soul”:

Netizen Noor Asikin believed that Kali must be aware of the insufficient dialysis machines in the centre as some patients have to undergo treatment at private facilities, which might cost more money.

Whispering Eye wished that Kali’s act of kindness can be a good role model for all, as material possessions are temporarily “leased” by us while we live.

Alarming rise of kidney patients in Malaysia

In Malaysia, a dialysis treatment can cost about RM200 per session on average, which takes about four hours to complete. Patients can get a subsidised at a government hospital or NGO’s dialysis centre, which ranges from RM 0 – RM 170, depending on the patient’s financial condition.

Some patients could spend RM30, 000 per year on average for their dialysis treatment.

Kidney disease is a global health crisis. Over 2 million people worldwide currently receive treatment with dialysis or a kidney transplant to stay alive.

In March last year, Malaysia media New Straits Times reported that there were over 40,000 kidney patients in Malaysia, with over 8,000 new patients diagnosed annually since 2018.

Then-Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said if this upward trend continues, Malaysia would expect some 106,000 kidney patients who would need dialysis by the year 2040, of which 30 per cent will be aged under 45.


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