Photo: Screenshot from NHK Okayama's Twitter

JAPAN — 15-year-old junior high school sprinter Sherry Drury, who recently amazed Japan, broke another record when contesting in Okayama Ekiden race on 29 January.

Two weeks ago, Sherry Drury drew media attention with her record-breaking sprint of three kilometres in 9 minutes and 2 seconds at the All-Japan Inter-Prefectural Women’s “Ekiden” Championships held in Kyoto.

According to Japanese media Nikkan Sport, Sherry Drury contested in another “Ekiden” (long-distance running multi-stage relay race) in Okayama Prefecture.

In that race, Drury broke another new record with 3km in 9 minutes and 40 seconds, overtaking three opponents.

Ms Drury hope for less media attention

Drury told the media that she was unable to practice running outdoors due to heavy snow in her hometown Tsuyama. She could only able to prepare for the prefecture race with light jogging equipment in the gym.

Ms Drury’s astonishing performance has attracted attention from media from Japan and oversea. However, she has expressed her wish for less attention on her while she could focus on training.

Crowds of people flocked along the route to catch a glimpse of Sheri Drury.

The official Twitter account of NHK Okayama shared a clip showing how supportive the local folks are toward Ms Drury:

On 15 January, Sherry Drury contested for the Okayama Prefecture team in t the All-Japan Inter-Prefectural Women’s “Ekiden” Championships held in Kyoto.

She was stationed at the third stage, which was reserved for junior high school athletes.  soon after Sherry Drury took over the sash, she sprinted the first kilometre in 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

By the time she handed off the sash, she had overtaken 17 of her competitors en route while maintaining her fast pace.

Drury was born to a Canadian father and a Japanese mother. She began running in the fourth grade of elementary school, the Japanese media reported. Also, noting that her junior high school has only three girls in its track and field club.

Her other achievement included being the winner of the 1,500-meter race at the national junior high school championships last summer.

In a competition held last October, Drury also set a new meet record of 2:45.84 in the 1,000-meter race in the under-16 category.

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