SINGAPORE — An anonymous Grab driver claimed to have made an impressive $5,227.82 in just seven days before Chinese New Year.

Singapore social media Facebook page Beh Chia Lor- Singapore Road, shared a screenshot of the Grab driver’s income statement today (27 January).

The statement shows the income was for the week between seven to 15 January, after deducted $788.38 commission. It is worth to note that he earned $2,080.70 on incentives alone.

The Grab driver did not reveal how many hours he worked per day. Assuming that the driver works the whole week without a dayoff, he could still earn $449.57 per day on average, after deducting commission and the incentives.

To meet the income target of $450 per day, he might need to drive 12 hours non-stop the whole day and earn at least $37.5 per hour.

Price surging near CNY period

A private-hire driver can earn up to $200 daily on average, depending on working hours and the surge in fare charges based on demand.

Local Chinese Media Lianhe Zaobao also reported that Grab fares surged during the period of Chinese New Year.

For example, the fare for a 15-minute ride to Tampines from Braddell road surged to $29, compared to $13 during the non-peak hour.

Some Chinese Grab drivers might take a break and enjoy the festive season with their families.

With demand exceeding the supply, it is possible that private-hire drivers could earn better during the festive period.

However, it remains a question as to whether the same surge in fares applies to the period — 1 to 15 January — which the driver is supposed to have been paid for.

Netizens voice concerns for Grab driver’s health

Assuming the Grab driver might drive long hours to earn the good income, some netizens commented in the Facebook post, worried that the driver might traded his health for the earning.

Netizen Danny Chin said it is dangerous for the driver to drive for long hours without rest, “it endanger the passenger as well.”

Netizen Amyrull wrote: “Don’t have to mention at the expense of his health. It is his choice of living and showed how hard he work to achieve as such.”

Netizen Anthony Ng assumed that the driver might drove for 20 hours a day non-stop, “not many drivers can achieve.”

Another PHV driver also commented that he was not able to earn even half of the amount plus the incentives, even though he drove for 8 hours straight:

However, netizen Edward Tay commented that it is still possible for the driver to earn the fat paycheck when riding fares that are usually $15 going as high as $40 during the CNY period.

For the incentives the driver received, he assumed it could be the driver’s previous earnings but only paid during that week.

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