SINGAPORE — A video circulated on social media showed at least eight teenagers were punching each other at a basketball court in Boon Keng. Police has since confirmed that they are looking into this matter.

On 13 January, a two-minute-long clip was posted and circulated on Facebook, showing a group of boys caught in a heated quarrel and even throwing punches at their opponents.

At 1 minute and 13 seconds, one of the boys wearing a black shirt can be seen pinned to the ground while other boys kick his head.

Another boy in an olive-green T-shirt can be seen arguing with his opponent but later turned violent, exchanging blows with his foe. The whole basketball court then became a “battlefield ground” to settle their dispute.

It is not known how the brawl started.

According to CNA, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) had confirmed that a report was lodged against this incident, and they are looking into this matter.

Source: Patrick Tan‘s Facebook


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