37,792 victims being displaced by flood in Terengganu while its Chief Minister is taking vacation in Auckland

37,792 victims being displaced by flood in Terengganu while its Chief Minister is taking vacation in Auckland

TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA — Terengganu, the east coast state of the Malaysian Peninsula, has been hit by worsening floods during the annual monsoon this year.

With 37,792 people from 10 thousand families having been displaced from their homes, the state has the most number of flood victims in Malaysia.

However, Malaysian netizens raised questions about why the Terengganu Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar is absent in the state while locals are suffering amid the ongoing flood.

An article published by the online news site Malaysia Post yesterday(20 Dec) alleged that Ahmad Samsuri probably taking his year-end vacation in Auckland, New Zealand.

The site even posted a screenshot of an AirAsia flight ticket with Ahmad Samsuri and his wife’s name on it, alleging that the state chief minister had gone to Auckland and away from Terengganu since 11 December:

“Samsuri did not show up when DPM Ahmad Zahid himself went to visit the flood victims in Terengganu today(20 Dec), further strengthening the speculation, ” the article wrote.

Yesterday, Ahmad Samsuri even posted a video on his official Facebook page, showing the flood condition around the Sungai Terengganu area:

Terengganu Exco member confirmed Ahmad Samsuri’s absence

Hanafiah Mat, Terengganu state disaster committee deputy chairman, had confirmed that Ahmad Samsuri is away amid the worsening flood in the state.

According to Berita Harian, Hanafiah Mat said Ahmad Samsuri will return today (21 Dec) from New Zealand.

“Insya-Allah, Mentri Besar(MB) will return from New Zealand today, but what time cannot be ascertained.”

Hanafiah defended Ahmad Samsuri by stating that flood mitigation and relief effort remains unaffected even though the Mentri Besar is away from the state.

“All EXCO and state assemblymen have played a very good role. The absence of MB is not an issue because flood management is still under control here,” he said.

Netizens scoffing Samsuri for being absent from disaster relief

Many netizens have been pouring sarcastic comments on Samsuri’s Facebook page, some questioned him why he is absent from Terengganu while his people are suffering.

Farrah Hamid wrote: “Vacation on visiting trip, Chief Minister? Return home lah… Besut, Jertih and Kuala Berang badly (hit by flood)”

Tentera Troll Kebangsaan Malaysia, a Malaysia fanpage well-known for its sarcastic critics on current affairs, wrote:

“It is true that if peoples write “Greeting Auckland” the comment will be deleted?”

Netizen Hafidz Ariff wrote: “Bye MB.. Wishing Dato Sri MB succeed in attracting investors from NZ to Terengganu.”

Meanwhile Facebook page of former Prime Minister Najib Razak, satirically questioned if a flood happened in Auckland, insinuating the Terengganu Chief Minister was absent while his state was being badly hit by the flood.

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