Deliveroo Singapore launches ‘Heroes to Heroes’ campaign to deliver iftar meals to migrant workers during Ramadan

From 16 April to 7 May, over 30 Deliveroo riders will deliver free iftar meals every Friday to five dorms across four weeks

Deliveroo Singapore on Monday (3 May) announced that it has partnered with Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) to deliver up to 1,600 free iftar meals to foreign workers, as part of its new ‘Heroes to Heroes‘ campaign.

From 16 April to 7 May, over 30 Deliveroo riders will deliver free iftar meals every Friday to five dorms across four weeks, for beneficiaries to enjoy.

Donated as part of Deliveroo’s ‘Heroes to Heroes‘ campaign, the meals will be prepared by Muhammad Shazain Faiha Muslim Food Paradise, with delivery fulfilled by Deliveroo.

The MWC is a non-government organisation and bipartite initiative of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers’ Federation (SNEF), whose mission is to champion the well-being of migrant workers in Singapore.

Deliveroo’s ‘Heroes to Heroes‘ campaign comes at a time when Singapore’s migrant workers – often referred to as “unsung heroes” – continue to play an instrumental role in supporting the country’s workforce and infrastructure, especially important during the pandemic and now crucially aiding the country’s recovery.

The campaign also sees MWC generously donate 50 packs of Ajwa dates to both foreign workers and Deliveroo riders to be enjoyed over the festive period.

“Deliveroo Singapore is always seeking opportunities to give back to the communities”

“Deliveroo Singapore is always seeking opportunities to give back to the communities we operate in. Migrant workers are a key part of our communities and we want to highlight the significant contributions and sacrifices that they have made especially during these trying times,” said Sarah Tan, General Manager at Deliveroo Singapore.

“With food at the heart of what we do and with Singapore marking one year since the start of COVID-19, we hope that our own unsung heroes, Deliveroo riders, can help spread some cheer amongst our friends at the dorms at Ramadan, a very special time of year for Muslims everywhere. We’re also very grateful for MWC’s kind gesture of gifted Ajwa dates to our Deliveroo riders,” she added.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many of us and especially so for our migrant workers’ community. We are happy to partner Deliveroo in their campaign to bring festive cheer to our Muslim brothers during Ramadan, showing our appreciation to their contributions in our nation building,” said Bernard Menon, Director at Migrant Workers Segment NTUC & Executive Director at  Migrant Workers’ Centre.

“We are appreciative of organisations like Deliveroo for their initiative to show care for our migrant workers’ community as they celebrate the festive season away from their family,” he added.

“Taking part in the Heroes to Heroes campaign is a great opportunity to do my part to give thanks to our migrant workers, important members of our society. Taking place during fasting month, this meaningful initiative from Deliveroo allows us to lend a helping hand during our free time,” said Noryatti Sharil, a 42-year-old Deliveroo rider who participated in the initiative.

“It means a lot to see the smiles on faces when we deliver the meals, and I’d be only too happy to participate in future charitable initiatives,” she added.

Previous initiatives by Deliveroo

Deliveroo Singapore’s partnership with Migrant Workers’ Centre marks the latest in the company’s series of community-focused campaigns.

Current collaborations include a long-term partnership with Food From The Heart, part of Deliveroo’s community-focused campaign in Singapore, No Child Goes Hungry‘, to tackle food insecurity among children, with focused initiatives around contributions to philanthropic causes and community service.

Deliveroo customers in Singapore have also generously rallied to donate over S$50,000 for the charity organisation since December last year, with Deliveroo matching the first S$10,000 worth of donations, bringing the total to over S$60,000.

Previous community-focused partnerships also include [email protected], where Deliveroo riders delivered over 1,000 iftar meals to vulnerable Muslim families during Ramadan; TOUCH Community Services, where Deliveroo gathered customers, restaurants, and riders to get behind the Meals-On-Wheels initiative; and social enterprise Glyph, which saw Deliveroo hosting quarterly Food & Cultural Exchanges and offering discounted Glyph membership fees for riders’ children.

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