42-year-old woman apprehended under Mental Health Act after walking naked in Bedok

A 42-year-old woman was apprehended by police after she was spotted walking naked around Bedok on Tuesday morning (29 December).

Stomp reported that the police apprehended the woman under Section 7 of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act after they have received a call for assistance along Block 11 Bedok North Street at 7.52am on Tuesday.

As seen in the video circulated online, the woman was walking across the junction in front of numerous passer-by and vehicles at daytime.

In another video, she was seen pacing around a sheltered walkway while carrying an orange handbag.

Earlier this month, there was a similar incident at Bedok North Street in which a 57-year-old man was seen walking around naked and was later arrested by police for the offence of appearing nude in a public space.

Under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act, any person who appears nude in a public place or in a private place and is exposed to the public view will face a fine of up to S$2,000 or imprisonment for up to three months, or both.

Penning their comments on the Facebook pages of Stomp and AsiaOne, many netizens raised concern about the lady’s mental health.

“She clearly needs help. Hope she can overcome her problems,” a netizen wrote.

Some of the netizens said that the public should be empathetic and assist or protect the woman with coverings instead of taking photos and circulating it online.

“Lack of empathy and please educate yourself with mental illness knowledge before laughing at others,” a netizen wrote.

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