Netizens question why authorities “urgently” fixed poorly designed walkway only after viral TikTok video

Workers were seen fixing a poorly designed sheltered walkway at Edgedale Plains in Punggol just three days after a TikTok video about the walkway went viral on social media.

It appears that the problematic walkway does not provide any cover for pedestrians who want to walk to or from the bus stop at Edgegale Plains.

This matter was highlighted by a man named Lim Vernon in a Facebook post on 2 December.

Mr Lim uploaded a TikTok video in his post which showed that the sheltered walkway, which he designated “the dumbest design”, did not provide much – or any – cover for pedestrians under the pouring rain.

Apparently, both sides of the bus stop faced a similar issue.

“Will the MP and LTA explain the thought process that goes behind the building of this shelter? And who inspect and approve this? And on whose cost will the rectification works be charged to?” Mr Lim questioned in his post.

“Given oversight by the town council, let the costs be borne by the MPs themselves and not the residents!” he added.

In the comments section under Mr Lim’s post, one individual claimed that he had written to the town council last year about the design of the bus stop, but “nothing was done”.

He also shared a screenshot of an email he received from the Punggol Branch Housing Management Group.

Loh Mun Fei, a senior estate executive, apologised for the inconvenience, saying that the authorities have been working to “obtain clearances for the proposed extension” of the existing linkway.

“Once the approvals have been obtained, we will expedite the construction works,” the person added.

Commenting on the Facebook page of Mothership, netizens subsequently questioned why the authorities were quick to fix the walkway after the video went viral, wondering if it takes such posts to “kick their butt” into action.

One user opined that the people should “embarrass the relevant authorities publicly, in order to get things done effectively and efficiently”.

Others pointed out that the person responsible for the project should be questioned and be accountable for approving such a design in the first place.

They claimed that those involved in planning and designing such public projects hardly conduct their research or walk the ground to find out what suits the area.


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