SDP chief Chee Soon Juan: Canvas roof at Bukit Batok Central stage supposed to last till 2041 — so why replace it now?

After questioning Bukit Batok SMC Member of Parliament (MP) Murali Pillai’s proposal to replace the yellow canvas roof on the stage at Bukit Batok Central despite the good condition of the roof, Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)’s Dr Chee Soon Juan raised further concerns regarding the issue.

In a follow-up post on Facebook on Thursday (26 November), Dr Chee said he had found that the roof was initially installed in 2011, adding that a resident has told him that the company which installed the roof said that it would “normally last 30 years”. This means the lifespan of the roof should be up to 2041.

Dr Chee said, “It seems odd then that Mr Murali wants to replace the roof in just 10 years.”

He then went on to list several questions that the MP should answer, starting with whether he would like to clarify if the information about the roof’s installation date and lifespan are accurate.

“If it is, would he then tell the residents why the roof needs to be replaced? Is it because the damage is beyond repair?,” added Dr Chee, noting: “The roof seems to be in good condition.”

If the roof is to be replaced, Dr Chee asked how much it will cost the residents and taxpayers, as well as how long the new roof will likely last.

The veteran politician went on to voice his concerns that many projects are being torn down to be replaced or rebuilt “without much forethought and justification, leading to wasteful spending of public funds”.

Another such project he pointed to in the post is the wastage canal at Bukit Batok West Ave 8 which Mr Murali addressed during his GE2020 campaign.

“Mr Murali posted the completion of the canal, replete with the rocks in apparently for aesthetic purposes,” wrote Dr Chee.

“The problem is that these rocks trap debris that are smelly and attract pests such as rats if they are not cleared in a timely manner. Do cleaners have to climb into these canals to clear the debris?” He questioned.

Dr Chee went on to note that Bukit Batok residents have “repeatedly” given him feedback on their unhappiness with the maintenance of the estate, adding that he has posted several of these complaints and will be posting more soon.

Dr Chee then called on the Jurong-Clementi Town Council and Mr Murali to priority spending to ensure that funds are not wasted on vanity projects that residents do not want or need.

“Instead, these funds should be channelled to estate management to improve maintenance services for the better upkeep of Bukit Batok,” he stressed, adding that this is what residents really want.

He cautioned, “They must remember that the funds that they spend are residents’ hard-earned money and many don’t earn anywhere close to what the Ministers and MPs make.”

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