Earlier today (21 October), the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) had launched a new programme called the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) with the objective to “strengthen” the implementation of Safe Living Measures (SLM) in dormitories.

Developed by the Assurance, Care and Engagement (ACE) Group, this particular programme is in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH).

According to the press statement, this initiative also looks to reduce the risk of infection transmission in dormitories.

The IPC programme had incorporated the findings of interviews and studies of migrant workers’ personal hygiene and social behaviours, in addition to consulting infectious disease experts.

Examples of SLM that would be strengthened included the wearing of masks, safe distancing practices, staggered timings for the use of communal facilities as well as prevention of inter-mixing among dormitory residents.

Dormitory operators and residents will be assigned “clear responsibilities” and also provided education and training via the IPC programme. Under this programme, the MOM officers and volunteers will be given training to conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with the IPC measures.

The IPC measures were also set to address the knowledge and behavioural gaps of the workers and dormitory operators.

It was also revealed that the training will be given to three stakeholder groups, namely the dormitory operators and staff, dormitory residents, and the Forward Assurance and Support Teams (FAST).



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