SDP’s Dr Paul Tambyah to speak about poverty in LCCS’ ‘REALink! #COLLABORATE’ series on 14 Oct

SDP’s Dr Paul Tambyah to speak about poverty in LCCS’ ‘REALink! #COLLABORATE’ series on 14 Oct

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chairman Dr Paul Tambyah will be joining as a guest for the upcoming 8th episode of REALink! #COLLABORATE series on Wednesday (14 Oct) from 8.30pm to 9.15pm.

The online event, hosted by the Community team at Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS), will explore the issue of families in poverty with Dr Tambyah, who is also a professor at National University of Singapore (NUS), and an infectious disease expert.

“Our host Nigel (manager of the Community team at LCCS) will be discussing with Prof Paul Tambyah about his perspectives on breaking the poverty cycle in Singapore. We will be exploring areas such as assets building, creating opportunities to promote social mobility and structural issues of poverty in Singapore,” the event website read.

The website also cited data from the Department of Statistics, which stated that 12 per cent of households in Singapore do not earn enough to meet basic consumption needs.

Centered around connectedness, REALink! is a platform where LCCS engage in real conversations with different individuals on what matters.

In each series, LCCS will be exploring the theme of connection in the different areas of concerns with their guests.

As stated in the website, two conversations will be aired on a weekly basis till 17 October.

To support REALink! and LCCS’ works, donations can be made here.


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