Netizens fume as expats mock Singaporeans for not having the qualifications to do jobs that FTs have “stolen” from them

On 21 September (Monday), a HardwareZone user shared a Facebook post by an individual named “Khan” on the forum, which garnered a lot of negative responses.

The post by Ms Khan explained her recent Xenophobic encounter with a number of Singaporeans who stated that expats in the country have taken over jobs meant for Singaporeans.

“I just had a very Xenophobic encounter with some Singaporeans which started of with snide comments about my country of origin and then going further to say ‘expats are taking over jobs from Singaporeans’,” she wrote.

She added, “Has anyone ever had an encounter like that in Singapore? I’m a bit worried now because I never thought that this would happen in Singapore. For expats with families in Singapore, do they experience this as well?”

In the comment section of her post, many foreign talents (FTs) have expressed their thought on this matter. Some of the points that they pointed out include FTs are “necessary to sustain this country”, Singaporeans are not “good enough” for the job so foreigners have to do it, Singaporeans’ lack the qualifications for the jobs and Singapore will be badly affected without expats.

One commenter even stated that “this country is run by expats”.


After this post was posted on HardwareZone forum, users were quick to express their displeasure over what the expats said. Calling them “FT trash”, netizens said that Singapore is the only country in which foreigners look down and degrade the locals. Online users blamed the Government for allowing too many FTs to be in the country, adding that the foreigners should be sent back home.

Others asked if the authorities will take action against these FTs who are “spreading ill will among locals”? One user pointed out that insulting the locals of the host country is a breach of most companies’ code of ethics/conduct.

Another user questioned the need for Singaporeans to serve National Service when foreigners are invading Singapore and clearly stating that they are “in charge and better”.

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