SPF debunk rumours about ComfortDelGro taxi fitted with cameras is a Traffic Police vehicle; saying it is for taxi driver’s training purpose

An image that went viral on messaging platforms shows a ComfortDelGro taxi fitted with cameras was clarified by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) as not being a Traffic Police vehicle on Wednesday (16 September).

In a Facebook post, SPF said that it aware of an image circulating online purporting a taxi installed with several cameras is a traffic police vehicle.

“This is not true,” SPF stated in its post.

In the photo uploaded by SPF, it can be seen that two cameras were installed on top of a ComfortDelGro taxi, which raised suspicion that it is a police car.

Noting that it has verified with the ComfortDelGro company, SPF explained that the cameras were equipment that is temporarily installed on the taxi for training purpose.

SPF then advised members of public to “exercise discretion and not circulate unverified information indiscriminately.”

A Facebook user also shared that the featured taxi design as a ComfortDelGro’s “safety vehicle on road with trainer” which every trainee needs to drive as part of safety course before and after the lesson.

Penning their thoughts about the rumours, a couple of Facebook user however said that it should not be a concern either it is a real or fake police cars as long as members of public drive safely on the road.

Meanwhile another Facebook user felt that this “fake police car” can also act as a deterrence to those who speed on the public road.

To  avoid such misunderstandings, a Facebook user suggested that the ComfortDelGro taxi company should display a sign such as “Equipment on Test” or “Training in Progress” on the taxi.

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