NUHS’s survey reveals majority of Singaporeans satisfied with Govt handling of COVID-19 situation — but netizens doubt accuracy of survey results

A recent study on COVID-19 mental health and workplace resilience conducted by the National University Health System’s (NUHS) Mind Science Centre (MSC) in collaboration with the Community Care Buddy has revealed that majority of Singaporean were satisfied with how the Government managed COVID-19 situation despite the stress caused by the pandemic.

According to the website, a total of 3,256 responses was collected from the surveys conducted via the Feel Good Do Good platform. The respondents were asked to rate 10 statements on five responses ranging from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree”.

Of those, about 75 per cent of Singaporeans were satisfied with the timely and useful information provided by the Government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, about 20 per cent was neutral on this and only five per cent felt they were not receiving timely and useful information, according to The Straits Times.

The surveys result also showed that about 57 per cent of respondents were confident that the Government had a good grasp on managing the current COVID-19 situation.

While around 29 per cent feeling neutral, another 15 per cent were not confident that the Government had a good grasp of COVID-19 situation.

Based on the surveys, 61 per cent of those working from home reported feeling stressed at work, compared with 53 per cent of those working as frontline workers.

Interestingly, there is a great proportion of respondents in the work-from-home group (about 51 per cent) reported feeling stressed, as compared to the group who are on the front lines of the pandemic (32 per cent).

With the impact of COVID-19, it also found that women are more likely to feel stressed at work and at home, compared to the men given their challenges of juggling work and family.

About 61.30 per cent of women reported feeling stressed at work, relative to men which is 49.7 per cent. Similarly, when it comes to perceived stress at home, 50.2 per cent of women felt stressed, compared to 45.5 per cent of men.

Following the publication of the survey results, many netizens were quick to pen their comments on the Facebook pages of The Straits Times and Asia One, expressing their thoughts and opinions about this survey.

Some netizens felt that the Government did not do well at the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak.

Instead of working on more research and explorations to decide appropriate actions, the Government had underestimated the COVID-19 and slow to take proactive actions in dealing with the pandemic.

“They are the one who messed it up by telling people not to wear mask unless sick and slow to take proactive actions,” a netizen wrote.

Meanwhile, a couple of netizens said that compared with other countries, Singaporeans should be grateful that the Government has tried to contain the spread of COVID-19 amid this worsening situation.

While commending the Government’s efforts in curtailing the COVID-19 situation, one netizen, however, said that he is dissatisfied with how the Ministry of Manpower handled the issue of migrant workers infections in dormitories.

Speaking about the survey results, some netizens doubted the accuracy of results and felt that the percentages did not represent the whole Singaporeans.

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