Snapchat rolls out Snap Minis for developers to build bite-sized experiences

Snap Inc. has officially launched its newest addition to Snap’s platform today (23 July), called Snap Minis, which aims to enable developers to build bite-sized experiences right within Snapchat.

In a statement today, the company noted that the launching of the miniature apps was first announced at the Snap Partner Summit last month.

“Snap Minis enable developers to bring utility experiences designed to integrate within conversations on Snapchat, so coordinating between friends is faster than ever,” it stated.

Among the Minus which rolled out on Snapchat globally today include:

  • Headspace Mini, which helps Snapchatters on meditation
  • Let’s Do It, which helps Snapchatters in making a decision with friends
  • Prediction Master, which serves timely questions on everything from the stock market to sneaker drops
  • Flashcards, where Snapchatters can create flashcard decks with their friends

In addition, Snap noted that its new Headspace Mini also provides resources related to mental health to help support the emotional and physical well-being of Snapchatters.

Snap Minis can be accessed through Chat, or Search.

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