SPP’s Jose Raymond comments on geographically absurd electoral boundary shifts

Jose Raymond, the Singapore People’s Party (SPP)’s candidate for Potong Pasir single-member constituency (SMC) in the recent general election, sparked a conversation on the absurdity of electoral boundary shifts in his Facebook post yesterday (22 July).

Using the Aljunied Neighbourhood Police Post as a reference point, he noted that Joo Seng estate — in which the police post is located — was previously part of Marine Parade group representation constituency (GRC), but is now a part of Potong Pasir SMC.

“The ALJUNIED Neighbourhood Police Post is in JOO SENG estate, which until 10 July was under the GEYLANG SERAI Division, which was part of MARINE PARADE GRC, but the area is now part of POTONG PASIR SMC.

“Just let that sink in for a bit,” he wrote.

Many commenters highlighted similar absurdities in the electoral boundaries near their housing areas, with one commenter pointing out that it is likely for opposition-held constituencies such as Aljunied GRC, Sengkang GRC and Hougang SMC to see “big changes in the boundaries” in the next general election.


One commenter said that Singaporeans should start a petition “all the way to the next GE” to push for the abolishment of the GRC system.

One commenter opined that alternative parties should “demand for all single wards” in future general election campaigns.

The Workers’ Party — the only alternative party to have secured seats in the new Parliament term — in its election manifesto this year called for the abolishment of the GRC system in favour of having all SMCs.

The party also proposed the removal of the Elections Department and Electoral Boundaries Review Committee from the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister’s Office, and to have the two bodies be placed under the watch of the Chief Justice and President respectively to promote their independence.

Commenters also pointed out how the original Aljunied area is not included within the boundaries of the GRC at present.

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