Voters’ choice on 10 July will determine journey towards a better tomorrow, says SPP’s Jose Raymond

During the political broadcast for the Potong Pasir SMC on Tuesday (7 July), the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) chairman Jose Raymond appealed to the voters, saying that Singapore and Singaporeans are “best served through political competition”.

“Your choice on 10th of July will determine the kind of future we build for Singapore and for all Singaporeans,” said Mr Raymond, who is also the SPP’s candidate at Potong Pasir SMC.

He noted that Singaporeans will make a big decision on polling day when they mark the boxes on the ballot papers.

“Our journey towards a better tomorrow will begin with the choices we make on Election Day,” Mr Raymond added.

Expressing his “sole aim” in serving the residents at Potong Pasir when he began his journey, he assured that he will try to help as many people as possible, adding that he is not asking for anyone’s vote but simply offering his friendship.

Mr Raymond highlighted that the coming election will be “an important one for Singapore”, just like every other election.

“We can either opt for status quo, or we can look forward to a new dawn and new beginning,” he added.

Mr Raymond went on to ask, “What is the kind of Singapore do we leave behind for our children and our grandchildren? Can we allow a Parliament without diverse voices and devoid of political debate?”

Calling on the residents of Potong Pasir, he asserted, “If you believe that we can make Potong Pasir SMC a special town, then I need you to journey with me throughout. Not just residents from Potong Pasir but residents from Joo Seng, Bidadari, Sennett Estate, Woodleigh and Tai Seng.

“You have a voice. Let yourself be heard,” Mr Raymond remarked.

Before ending his address, he also thanked the residents for giving him the privilege to serve them, adding that this is just the beginning as there is a lot of work ahead.

On the other hand, the People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate and incumbent at Potong Pasir SMC Sitoh Yih Pin – in his address – noted that this election is about “caring for the three generations of residents” in Potong Pasir.

Mr Sitoh thanked the residents for giving him the opportunity to serve as the MP since 2011, while welcoming the new residents to join the family of Potong Pasir.

“Together, we have transformed Potong Pasir,” he said.

Addressing to the young residents, Mr Sitoh told them to “dream big and pursue your passions”.

He continued, “I want our children to grow up in a neighbourhood where they are equipped with everything, they need from tuition lessons to holiday enrichment programmes and many more.”

Mr Sitoh also told the middle-aged residents that “ample meaningful programmes” will be created for them and their family members.

“Don’t worry, we will always be here for you,” he assured.

Mr Sitoh went on to urge the senior citizens to “age well and live happily”, adding that he wants the healthcare needs of the senior citizens to be well taken care of so that they can have fulfilling golden years.

“We have the team, the resources, the conviction and the passion to all together make Potong Pasir better for all of us. In you, we trust. In us, you trust. Please vote for me. Please vote for the People’s Action Party,” he concluded.

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