What if Singaporeans wake up to a 93-0 scoreline on July 11?

What if Singaporeans wake up to a 93-0 scoreline on July 11?

The Workers’ Party has been warning that a wipeout – the People’s Action Action having a clean sweep of all 93 seats – is a real possibility.

The PAP also seems confident of such an outcome.

Otherwise, why would Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his ministers take turns to assure voters that no matter what the election results are, there will be at least 12 opposition Non-Constituency Members of Parliament? Why is it always touting the NCMP scheme, which is for losing candidates in the election?

If a wipeout materialises, the first question Singaporeans will ask is: How did it happen?

Simple – it happened because YOU VOTED FOR IT!

It happened because everyone thinks someone else – a friend, colleague or neighbour – will vote for the opposition. It happened because everyone thinks their one vote wouldn’t count.

To this end, the Workers’ Party has a timely message: its GE2020 slogan is “Make Your Vote Count.”

However, if Singaporeans fail to heed this message and fail to make our vote count, then we cannot complain about the result.

The Progress Singapore Party also has a timely message: its slogan is “You Deserve Better.”

But if the outcome for GE2020 is a wipeout, then the conclusion has to be that Singaporeans do not deserve better.

We deserve no accountability for COVID-19 mishandling, we deserve a GST hike soonest, we deserve competition for jobs from foreigners, we deserve to be called “sia suay.”

So it’s all in our hands. Do we deserve better?

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