PSP’s Dr Tan Cheng Bock urges Singaporeans to vote for accountability, transparency and independence

The first GE2020 party political broadcast was telecast on Thursday (2 July) night which included messages from seven of the political parties contesting in the election. The broadcast was aired across 19 television and radio channels.

For the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), Secretary-General Tan Cheng Bock took to the screen to delivery his 5 minute-long message.

During the live broadcast, Dr Tan opened by saying that he has decided to lead his own party in this GE because “the [People’s Action Party] is not the same as before; it has lost its way.”

Dr Tan said, “While I am still able, I want to do something about it. So I have chosen to run again and pass on my knowledge to my younger colleagues.”

The 80-year old went on to assure the public that the PSP—which was formed only a little over a year ago—will know how to look after constituencies as it has experienced candidates who have run town councils before, including Dr Tan himself.

He also said that should any PSP candidate be voted into Parliament, they will “ask the tough questions” on behalf of the people, adding that the government should be transparent and accountable.

“Ask yourself, have you ever heard any of your PAP MPs ask the hard questions? As a Singaporean, you have a right to information that the Government is refusing to answer. For example – on our reserves. The government needs to be transparent and accountable to the people,” he said.

Dr Tan then went on to emphasise a point the party has been making since the elections were announced, which is that the PAP should be denied a two-third majority in Parliament. He said, “If the PAP has a two-third majority, they will have the power to change important laws like the Constitution at will, whenever they wish. Without being checked.”

“Also having a PAP monopoly in Parliament is not a formula for success. For the past 20 years, the PAP has had a strong monopoly. However, prosperity has not flowed to all Singaporeans.”

Dr Tan, who is contesting in West Coast GRC, talked about how many local PMETs (professionals, managers, executives, technicians) are still unemployed with their jobs being displaced by foreigners, adding that “the previous mandate did not always mean good outcomes for Singaporeans.”

He questioned PAP’s dominance in parliament, saying “If the PAP dominates Parliament, tell me: who will check how the money is spent? How much of our reserves will go to the Big Government Linked Businesses paying high executive salaries? How much will reach ordinary Singaporeans families struggling to get by?”

Dr Tan went on to stress that the GE2020 is about one thing: the post COVID-19 recovery of the country, noting that the world has changed dramatically and that the PAP’s pre-COVID-19 policies “no longer apply”.

“Before Parliament was dissolved, you saw how the PAP Government struggled to find the right answers. You saw how their boasting in January failed to prepare Singapore for the explosion of dormitory cases in April. They do not have all the answers,” said Dr Tan.

“For years you have heard the PAP say that you can’t do it without them. I want you to know, that you CAN do it. We can do it together.”

The PSP Secretary-General then called for the people to vote for transparency, accountability, and independence.

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