PV’s Azlan Sulaiman pledges to raise issues on jobs and living costs in Parliament

Peoples Voice (PV) is in the process of introducing their candidates who are running for the upcoming General Election (GE). Earlier today (2 July), the party shared a video featuring Azlan Sulaiman and his manifesto.

Mr Sulaiman is contesting at Jalan Besar GRC alongside PV’s chief Lim Tean.

Right off the bat, he voiced that a Member of Parliament (MP) must be “visible and available” in maintaining the estates well at the local level. As for the national level, he believed that MPs should be able to “look ahead” and work on policies that benefit Singaporeans.

“A Member of Parliament is a representative of the constituents that voted for them to voice their concerns in Parliament. At local level, they must be visible and available in maintaining the estates well. While at national level, they must be able to look ahead and come up with policies that benefit Singaporeans at large.”

Recalling how communities “integrated very well as one” back in the 70s and 80s, Mr Sulaiman noted that things have changed after foreigners entered Singapore.

He revealed that he joined PV to “get things right” since the party is about “putting people first”.

Moving on, he pointed out that Singaporeans’ jobs are being “taken away” and that the cost of living has been on the rise. Mr Sulaiman expressed his intention to bring up these issues in Parliament.

“When was the last time our voice was raised in Parliament? Our jobs are being taken away, and the cost of living is getting higher every day. I want to bring these issues together with you right into Parliament.”

As a global Halal consultant with 13 years of experience, auditor and trainer, the PV candidate’s job involves policy-making, working on guidelines, as well as system development. Mr Sulaiman pledged to bring the people’s voice into Parliament by raising their “voice, hopes and aspirations”, as well as their rights as Singapore citizens.

“Today, many foreigners have taken away jobs that Singaporeans can do. Our cost of living is on the rise. Our livelihood is at stake. Are we going to let this continue?”

He believes that with a “strong opposition” in Parliament, the people’s voices will be prioritised. On behalf of PV, the Jalan Besar GRC candidate pledged to fight for people’s interests.


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