Progress Singapore Party is always committed to Nee Soon, says PSP’s Leong Mun Wai

Progress Singapore Party (PSP) is always committed to Nee Soon, said the party’s assistant secretary-general Leong Mun Wai on Thursday (2 July).

Mr Leong was responding to an earlier remark by People’s Action Party (PAP) member K Shanmugam suggesting that the PSP is “half-hearted” about contesting in Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency (GRC).

Mr Shanmugam noted in the PAP’s virtual press conference on Wednesday (1 July), “I don’t want to speculate why PSP has come, but it seems to have been very half-hearted about it. As you will recall, a week ago it was offering to trade Nee Soon for some other constituency.”

The former Minister for Law and Home Affairs then took to Facebook – following PSP candidate Bradley Bowyer’s response to his earlier comment – clarifying that his previous remark was based on the Reform Party (RP) chairman Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s quote that the PSP has offered Nee Soon GRC to the RP.

Nonetheless, Mr Leong, in his Facebook post earlier today, closed the lid on the matter as he affirmed PSP’s commitment to Nee Soon.

As the person directly responsible in the discussion with all the alternative parties, he asserted that “there is no horse-trading agreement or negotiation” between RP and PSP with regards to Nee Soon GRC or any other constituencies.

Mr Leong continued, “As there are many opposition parties vying for the limited number of seats, various ideas were tossed up in the course of discussion but that does not mean they were accepted even as a basis for negotiation.”

He went on to say that PSP’s Nee Soon team has been preparing for its campaign for months, adding that all parties should “concentrate on the issues that can improve the lives of the residents of Nee Soon”.

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