PAP’s Ong Ye Kung takes down video of him talking to primary school boy as it violates electoral rules

The People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate Ong Ye Kung has taken down a video of him talking to a boy in school uniform after being informed by authorities that it is not in line with electoral rules.

Mr Ong, who is contesting in Sembawang Group Representation Constituency (GRC), took to Facebook earlier today (2 July) stating that the video has been taken down and apologised on the matter.

“We have been informed by authorities that this is not in line with electoral rules. We have therefore taken down the video,” he wrote. “We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

In his post, he described that he had a “nice conversation” with the boy who lives in Sembawang and they spoke about “how it is a good place to grow up”.

“Jony is a great sport, we had a good chat, and we put up a short vid,” Mr Ong asserted.

The video was shared on his Facebook page earlier today in the afternoon, before it was removed.

Under the Parliamentary Elections Act, primary and secondary school students are prohibited to take part in any election activities. This means they are not allowed to appear in a video or take part in activities to promote a political party for the election.

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