PV chief Lim Tean: We’re not asking for anything, but a chance to serve S’poreans in Parliament

PV chief Lim Tean: We’re not asking for anything, but a chance to serve S’poreans in Parliament

As People’s Voice (PV) fielded a team of four at Jalan Besar GRC that is led by the party chief, Lim Tean, the alternative party is contesting against the People’s Action Party (PAP) which is led by Josephine Teo at the GRC.

Mr Lim made a speech at Bendemeer Primary School this morning as it is Nomination Day today (30 June) for the upcoming General Election (GE). The speech was then posted on PV’s Instagram.

The other PV candidates that stood along with Mr Lim were Leong Sze Hian, Azlan Sulaiman and Michael Fang Amin.

The party chief expressed that the upcoming GE is crucial for Singaporeans to “regain their dignity, country and future”. And he stressed that this is the chance for Singaporeans to vote towards a future that will ensure they get the jobs “they deserve”.

“This is the election that you have been waiting for. This is the election for you to regain our dignity, country and future. This is the election for you to ensure that you and your next generation have the jobs you deserve.”

Mr Lim went on to promise that Singaporeans’ livelihoods will not be “taken away by foreigners”, implying that the unemployment in the nation is a result of hiring foreign labour.

“This is the election to wipe away the shame that our country has been tainted with. (Singapore) has been described as one of the greatest failures in the coronavirus saga. A failure that was caused by weak and inept leadership in our Government.”

Finally, he reminded Singaporeans that PV is only asking for “the chance to serve” in Parliament with the intention to “put people first”.

“This is the election for all of us to deliver a fairer and more prosperous society to the many, and not just the privileged few. We come before you, not asking for anything, but only asking for the chance to serve as your elective representatives in Parliament.

So that we can push an agenda that we’ll always put people first, and together make Singapore our home again.”



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