Netizens raise concerns on changes to operating hours and frequency of public transport during COVID-19 circuit breaker period

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) yesterday announced changes to operating hours and frequency of public buses and trains in a bid to “mitigate the significant financial impact caused by the reduced riderships and help keep public transport operations financially sustainable”.
“Compared to the pre-COVID-19 period, daily bus and rail ridership has fallen by more than 71% and 75% respectively,” said LTA.
The changes, which came into effect today for bus services, will affect services connected to the Central Business District and recreational places. The new adjustments will take effect on Friday for train services.
Many netizens commenting on CNA’s Facebook post linked to the story regarding the new changes appear to take issues with the said adjustments.

A handful of netizens noted that the adjustments will only increase the loading and density of people in public transport.

Several netizens also expressed concern for the health workers and other workers in essential services, who must go to work at odd hours and rely on punctual public transport.

Among the netizens, there are also workers who are forced to commute to their workplaces and are not able to telecommute, and will be negatively impacted as a result of the changes.

Several netizens, however, opined that the government took this action for everyone’s benefit.
The following is a list of bus services affected by the new changes, published by LTA yesterday:

The following train services will undergo the new adjustments starting this Friday:

LTA said that it will continue to monitor the situation on the ground and adjust bus and train services as necessary.

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