NTUC FairPrice at Teck Whye restricts number of customers into stores as "crowd control measures"

The NTUC FairPrice store in Teck Whye put up a notice of “crowd control measures” being implemented. The notice states that stores “may be limiting the number of customers into the store” if necessary in order to ensure safe distancing. Customers are requested to following the instructions of staff.
The notice continued, “As we do our best to keep our shelves stocked and to maintain good housekeeping, we seek your help to please return products to where they were displaced should you decide not to purchase them.”

A line can be seen forming outside NTUC FairPrice stores as people wait for their turn to enter the store. A staff can be seen placing tape on the ground as a guide for people to keep their distance from each other while waiting in line.

No public announcement has been made by NTUC Fairprice that it is taking such measures.
Earlier on 18 March, the supermarket chain implemented a purchase limit on certain essential items to prevent people from stockpiling.
Each customer is allowed four units of paper products – toilet paper, facial tissues, and kitchen towels. For rice and pasta or instant noodles, customers are allowed two units respectively. They are also allowed S$30 each of poultry and vegetables as well as 30 eggs.
Notices were also put up to inform customers that supplies of essential daily items are still available, and urged customers to only purchase what they need instead of stockpiling.

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