M’sian driver says even ‘beaten to death’ won’t leave SBS Transit after given ‘5-star hotel’ treatment

Malaysian bus driver Bentley Lew (刘家成) working for SBS Transit was so touched by the gesture of the company housing him and his other Malaysian colleagues in a ‘5-star hotel’ that he pledges his eternal love to SBS Transit.

Malaysian government announced on Mon (16 Mar) that it would lockdown the country starting on Wed (18 Mar) for 2 weeks in order to curb the transmission of COVID-19. With the lockdown, travels in and out of Malaysia have been prohibited. The lockdown affected some 300,000 daily travellers who commute from Malaysia to Singapore on a near daily basis for work or study.

On Tue (17 Mar) one day after Malaysia’s announcement, there was a frantic rush at the Causeway well into the night as Malaysian workers scrambled to beat the two-week lockdown starting on Wed. Many were rushing back to Johor to collect their belongings and clothes, and then rush back to Singapore so that they could continue to work here for the next 2 weeks. Throughout Tue, roads to the Woodlands Checkpoint were gridlocked.

With the start of the Malaysian border lockdown, the Singapore Government said it would help to provide accommodation to Malaysian workers who have decided to stay in Singapore to work, as well as help employers with the cost. Communications and Information Minister S. Iswaran said, “On one hand, we facilitate the supply of accommodation possibilities, and at the same time, support to manage the cost associated with it.”

Malaysian driver: I love you SBS Transit

Lew posted a message on his Facebook page saying that he was so touched by the gesture shown by SBS Transit that he cried.


“With the lockdown, I ran to Singapore without even bringing a single piece of underwear. I thought I would have to sleep on the streets. I never thought the company put us up at a 5-star hotel. I was so touched I cried, I won’t leave such a good company even if you beat me to death!!! I love you SBS Transit!!!”

He also shared photos of his stay at the ‘5-star’ hotel on his Facebook page (Photos from Lew’s Facebook page):

Apparently, Lew was also given allowance so that he could order food from the hotel.

The hotel he is currently staying at is actually Oasia Hotel Novena, according to one of the photos he posted. Searches online show that it is a 4-star hotel, however.

From the smile on Lew’s face, it certainly pays to be a foreigner working in Singapore.


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