NMP Kuik Shiao-yin calls upon S’poreans to help one another during these troubled times

NMP Kuik Shiao-yin calls upon S’poreans to help one another during these troubled times

On Tuesday (17 March), Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Shiao-yin Kuik shared her empathy in a Facebook post on the Covid-19 pandemic as she acknowledged a number of organisations which were severely affected by the outbreak. These include Small Business Entities (SME’s), workers in the hospitality industry, tourism, food and beverages, aviation and in petty trade.

In her post, Ms Kuik called on caring people in Singapore to look up these people and provide them with whatever assistance they can. This could range from helping them out in their financial difficulties to finding work for them.

This aside, Ms Kuik also encouraged people to make wise intentional investments that support Singapore’s economic and societal well-being. She explained that by using loose change, one is able to be a mini venture capitalist or mini impact investor.

Given the dire situation amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, Ms Kuik suggested that fellow citizens contribute additional tips for people who work in food delivery and those who work as part-time waiters and food servers and to taxi drivers.

She explains, “Tip them so they know if they are sick, especially with flu like symptoms, they have some kind of financial relief and psychological permission from someone to stay home and rest”.

Meanwhile, for those who purchased tickets to local theatre performances which ended up being cancelled, Ms Kuik indicated that people should avoid harass these small local productions for refunds if they can afford it, especially if they are a smaller player without deep pockets.

For big corporations and government agencies which had to cancel events and workshops (especially CSR events run by smaller social enterprises), Ms Kuik urged agencies pay them a goodwill amount.

She elucidated that this act of generosity could mean that some employees would get paid. This is especially for social enterprises which hire the elderly or people with special needs.

Ms Kuik’s role as a Nominated Member of Parliament

Meanwhile, as an NMP, she reiterated that on her part, she would assist those who are in need of minor renovation works. For them, she would recommend contacts of responsible and meticulous personnel who are able to carry out the work.

Ms Kuik added, “If you need catering for a house/small team, let me know, I’ll pass you contacts of an under the radar, exceptional social enterprise who could cook up really good food for you. Your support will allow them to in turn support the people with special needs under their wing”.

In a nutshell, all these together would allow citizens to do something, however small, to bridge the gaps—financially, emotionally and psychologically—for the community in difficult times like this, said Mr Kuik.

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