M Ravi sets up law firm in Myanmar as regional office

In a unique collaboration with domestic human rights and commercial lawyers, renowned international human rights lawyer, M. Ravi enters the Myanmar market to meet the rising legal needs of the business and non-government (NGO) community in Myanmar and the Indo-Chinese region.

Mr Ravi is a prominent international human rights lawyer based in Singapore with over 17 years of experience.  He made a name in the legal community as a speaker and writer, and most notably as a lawyer representing numerous high-profile Singapore court cases for human rights issues, including cases involving the death penalty, freedom of expression, LGBT rights and voting rights.

Ravi’s foray into the region began several years ago with him conducting seminars and workshops for a range of audiences including lawyers and NGO representatives.

“The role of human rights lawyers in corporate and commercial areas has never been more important than now.” says Mr Ravi.

“Human rights lawyers can bring greater accountability and transparency to corporations. They can ensure the layman is not displaced by the commercial giants who may be putting people before profits.”

In regards to the setting up of his firm, Mr Ravi says, “I am delighted to set up my first regional office in Myanmar. The legal community has been most welcoming.”

M Ravi Law will operate from 3A Bogyoke Aung San Road, Level 14 of Junction City Tower in Pabedan Township, Yangon as of 1 February 2020.

The scope of the legal practice will include corporate and commercial work, cross-border investment, arbitration, NGO law, international treaty advisory, infrastructure and real estate law.

The firm will appoint prominent Myanmar lawyers in its team as senior consultants as well as younger lawyers who are interested in the diverse and challenging international work the firm hopes to undertake.

The firm will also include a training arm to provide informative and educational talks and workshops to lawyers, NGOs and the business community in Myanmar.

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