Malaysian Grab driver travels over 200km to return wallet left behind by Singaporean passenger

He drove all the way from Melaka to Johor just to return the wallet

A Singaporean man’s faith in humanity has been preserved after a Malaysian Grab driver drove more than 200km to return the wallet he had accidentally left behind in the ride-hailing car.

In a post published on Facebook page Johor Bahru Traffic, Crime, and Community Service Report on Monday (6 Jan), Carney Mak recounts the incident as he expresses his gratitude towards his kind-hearted Grab driver, Sateesh Karuppusamy.

The 31-year-old Singaporean wrote that he had booked a Grab ride in Johor Bahru last Saturday (4 Jan) when he misplaced his wallet in the car.

In fact, Mr Mak told China Press that he only realised his wallet was missing when he was about to pay for dinner that night.

He then submitted a report on the Grab app as he was heading back to Singapore.

Moments after arriving in Singapore, Mr Mak received a phone call from Mr Sateesh, saying that he will check his car and provide any update via WhatsApp.

“To my delight, Mr Sateesh found my wallet! As it was past midnight, we agreed to meet the coming evening,” said Mr Mak in the Facebook post.

The two agreed to meet at a Caltex petrol station in Johor Bahru Sentral the next day.

To add a cherry on top of the icing of this sweet encounter, Mr Sateesh apparently drove over 200km – all the way from Melaka – for the exchange.

Mr Mak expressed his utmost gratitude to Mr Sateesh for literally going the extra mile. He also said that the contents of his wallet were not touched.

“Thank you Mr Sateesh for driving down from MELAKA (really long drive) to JB Sentral Caltex just to return my wallet. Everything was in tact (few hundred $ plus my cards). Had to write this long post to express my gratitute to MR. SATEESH KARUPPUSAMY – keeps me believing in humanity,” he noted in the post.

Mr Mak also told China Press that Mr Sateesh continued to pick up other passengers after dropping him off that day.

“No one saw the wallet or took it. I feel very lucky,” he added.

Commenting under the Facebook post, many netizens commended Mr Sateesh for his noble gesture.

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