YouTube introduces changes to children’s content to better protect kids and their privacy

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As of Monday (6 Jan), YouTube has restricted targeted ads from running on videos designated for kids. What’s more, kids’ videos will lose access to features such as comments, stories, live-chat, as well as the ability to save videos to a playlist.

Last September, YouTube announced that a series of changes will be made to “better protect kids and their privacy” on the video-sharing platform, while addressing the privacy concerns raised by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

At the same time, YouTube notified all creators that they will soon be required to “designate their content as made for kids or not made for kids”, and that anyone who watches a video designated as made for kids will be seen as a viewer under the age of 13, regardless of the user’s actual age.

With the changes now entering full effect, YouTube has hinted that kid-focused channels will see “a significant business impact” on creators making kids content due to reduced ad revenue.

Hence, YouTube noted its commitment to assist creators on navigating the new landscape. YouTube said it will continue to engage on this issue, including by participating in the FTC’s open comment period, where many creators have provided valuable feedback.

YouTube also reminded creators to set their channels (or individual videos) as made for kids or not, as this will ultimately determine how their content is treated on the platform.

Highlighting that “creators know their content best, and should set the designation themselves”, YouTube added that it will be using machine-learning to help identify the content, and creators can update a designation made by its systems if they believe it is incorrect.

Meanwhile, YouTube will only override a change if an abuse or error is detected.

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