Fireworks inMarina Bay Singapore Countdown 2019 (Photo by Gin Tay from Flickr)

Singapore Police Force (SPF) has ensured members of the public that security measures will be enhanced to ensure the public safety and security during the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown (MBSC) 2020.
Stated in the post from Singapore Police Force (SPF) official Facebook page, the police are expecting a huge turnout at the Marina Bay for the annual countdown celebration and it might cause heavy traffic and delay to the public.

Certain roads and lanes will be closed for vehicular traffic during stipulated period to facilitate the event.

To prevent overcrowding, the number of people entering the area within the vicinity of Marina Bay will be regulated as well.
The police will also tighten the security measures by increasing the presence of police officers in the city in order to deter and swiftly respond to crimes and security incidents.
“Barricades, signs and speakers will be deployed to guide the public in and out of the Marina Bay area,” stated in the post.
Also in the post, the police also advised the public to be considerate and vigilant, adopt crime prevention measures and cooperate with marshals and police officers on duty while enjoying the festive celebration.
According to the statement issued by SPF, the police officers will be deployed and conduct patrols in the city area for the security measures.
These include officers from specialist police units who are well trained such as Emergency Response Teams and Police Tactical Unit of the Special Operations Command, as well as officers from Central and Jurong police divisions, Traffic Police, Public Transport Security Command and Police Coast Guard.
This year’s Marina Bay Singapore Countdown will feature an extended 90 minute multi-sensory musical shows from Japan, which is also the first appearance on New Year’s Eve at The [email protected] Bay.

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