Treewizard questions the building of barriers on footpaths at MacPherson that hinder wheelchair access

(Images from Christopher Pereira / Facebook)

In a series of Facebook posts between 8 December and today (10 December), artist Christopher Pereira a.k.a “the Treewizard” questioned the building of barriers in his area which makes it difficult for people in wheelchairs to get around.

Mr Pereira, who makes political figurines, shared several images of barriers that were put up on areas like ramps and the end of sidewalks. On his post on 8 December, Mr Pereira questioned the reason for spending “millions” on these projects.

In another Facebook post on the same day in response to people saying that wheelchair users can just go around the barrier, Mr Pereira shared more photos of such barriers. He said, “I am angry to see the handicaps here have to struggle everyday”, and noted that he would approach his MP Tan Pei Ling of the MacPherson SMC to get the barriers removed.

Mr Pereira questioned once again the reason for incurring cost on such a project that would make life harder for people instead of helping those in need at MacPherson Lane.

Today (10 December), Mr Pereira shared more photos on Facebook, this time of a barrier blocking half the sidewalk and a wheelchair ramp built next to it.

In this post, Mr Pereira pointed out that the ramp was unnecessary since there was already flat ground that could be easily used by people on wheelchairs. Instead, that path was blocked by metal barriers and a new ramp was built next to it. Again, Mr Pereira questioned the need for spending money on this project.

He asked, “Sometimes I don’t understand you block this perfect space for a wheelchair and you build a side ramp and if you look at the yellow line telling wheelchair guy to be careful? Got flat ground make ramp for wheelchair wth this just to incur extra cost.”

In the comments section of one of his posts, Mr Pereira shared that many people assumed the barriers were to prevent bicycles on the footpath. Mr Pereira thought to too until a friend of his who uses a wheelchair joked about ‘road blocks’.

Mr Pereira then started walking around and begun to notice these barriers that would be a hindrance to wheelchair users.

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