Letter: “Is our very government now subject to foreign influence?”

An open letter by Emmanuel Chin which was also sent to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Heng Swee Keat, Second Minister of Finance, Indranee Rajah and Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean.

Dear Prime Minister,

This article describes how a MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) officer, of the unknown citizenry, has been allowed to establish formal links with the government of his home state in India, that this officer is reported to be enjoying certain unsaid privileges accorded by this foreign government.

With the recent talk about foreign influence in our government and media, I cannot help but detect some hypocrisy on the part of our government.

I think it was last year that a Chinese professor was deported for being a foreign state actor. Then this year Chinese influence operations in Singapore gets a lot of coverage in parliament and the press. We have an ex-diplomat, Mr Kausikan, explicitly call out these operations in Singapore as threatening to our security. while minister Shanmugam then stated new laws are necessary to combat such foreign influence.

It is hard to stomach that the loyalties of Singaporeans are being called into question when we then allow foreign agents from other countries to operate freely in our government.

Please clarify, is this Mr Mohanty a Singapore citizen? Why is he allowed to be so close to a foreign government?

Is it common for our public servants to advise foreign governments whose interest are not the same as ours?

Is our very government now subject to foreign influence?

I see he works in tech is he keeping our data secure? We have so many leaks, can we trust foreign officers with our data?

I am particularly concerned that the Indian government involved appears to have a problem with corruption.

This is all very concerning.

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