The first train delay in August along EWL on Wednesday morning

Train commuters travelling on the East West Line (EWL) experienced some delay this Wednesday (14 Aug) morning; passengers shared that the cause of the delay was announced as a track fault while SMRT did not give official information on its media platforms.
Information were posted on TATA SMRT Facebook platform by the commuters:

Tommy Soon wrote at 7:43am: “Alan Charles Yap I heard track fault at Lakeside just now. Train are moving slower in some part of the area between Chinese Garden and JE.”

Tommy Soon added at 7:44am: “Same announcement is heard at JE too.”

Alan Charles Yap asked at 7:45am: “By the way, is it towards TLK or PSR?”, and Tommy Soon answered: “Towards Paris Ris.”

Syazana Liyana Lopez informed at 8:10am: “Track Fault still.” Tommy Soon answered: “Syazana Liyana Lopez yes. Train move slowly from JE to Clementi.”

Viki Tong wrote at 8:31am: “On mrt towards Clementi n the train fault is still on.”

Marcus Cai asked at 8:43am: “Back to normal?”

Reports on the Facebook were still coming in after 9am:

Syazana Liyana Lopez informed at 9:01am: “Marcus Cai I think main area of fault is between Chinese Garden and Clementi. After that quite smooth.”

Adiel Rusyaidi wrote at 9:05am: “Track fault reported at Jurong East, train travelled slowly for sometime until midway to Clementi. Now my train is at Clementi, they announced a PSD fault, + 4 mins.”

Mary Lee wrote at 9:07am: ” In train annoucement that due to a track fault train will be travelling at a slower speed. as at 9am at Lakeside.”

Adam Goh wrote at 9:10am: “Track fault announced on EB train between JUR and CLE.”

And the last information was posted on 9:33am by Aaron Tan:

Aaron Tan wrote at 9:33am: “EWL track fault announcement played at Yishun MRT platform.”

On the Twitter platform, there was also a post about the fault:

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