Students preparing for GCE O-Level (Source : Nanyang Language and Bussiness School).

Man claims foreign students are given easier university entrance exams compared to local students – But is it the case?

A man named Joshua Loke posted on the Facebook page of United Singaporean alleging People’s Action Party (PAP) for favouring foreign students by giving them easier exam papers compared to the locals for the University Entrance Examinations (UEE).

“So the PAPPIE Daniel Ng told me to look up the sample admission paper used to admit foreigners into our local universities. It’s called the UEE (University entrance exam). And I did that,” he wrote.

UEE is conducted to assess the suitability of selected applicants to pursue undergraduate courses in Singapore, and is open to selected or shortlisted international students from Indonesia and Vietnam who have not received their actual high-school graduation examination results. Students who would want to pursue courses like Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science will also be required to sit for UEE.

For those who takes UEE, they are required to sit for two compulsory papers, which are English and Mathematics, and a minimum of one elective subject based on the course that they would want to pursue.

In Mr Loke’s post, he attached a screenshot of National University of Singapore’s (NUS) UEE paper for Mathematics. He showed the sample questions to two current A-Level students and another one who just completed it.

To his surprise, he wrote that, “They unanimously agreed that the standard is O-Level. All 3 were shocked and horrified that this is the entrance exam given to foreigners, into university”.

As such, Mr Loke opined that “the implications are disgusting” because PAP has given the easier paper, which is O-Level standard, to A-Level students. On the other hand, local Singaporeans are given a much tougher paper to answer, he noted.

Comparing the situation to Singapore’s neighbouring country, Mr Loke also alleges Malaysia to set a tougher paper for the Chinese as they’re deemed as immigrant, as opposed to the Malays.

“If Malaysia discriminates against the Chinese by giving them the harder paper into University, because they’re ‘immigrants’, the traitorous PAP discriminates against native Singaporeans by giving us the harder paper!” he pointed out.

If that is not all, he also said that the same problem might be happening for the English paper as well.

“The same problem may be happening in English too – how do you explain the majority of PRCs in year 1 undergrads who cannot pass English – General Paper (GP)?” he wrote.

He added, “The rule clearly states that one needs to pass GP in order to enter university. So foreigners no need to have difficult math paper, no need to have difficult English paper?”

Therefore, Mr Loke claims that this whole situation is “clearly favouritism given to foreigners”.

Upon reading his post, many netizens expressed their shock towards this situation and slammed the ruling government for their favouritism. Alvin Fua said that PAP wants “locals to study up to diploma and forget about getting into University.They want foreigners to repay PAP by voting them”.

On the other hand, a bunch of them also ridiculed Mr Loke’s claim. Some said that foreigners don’t actually compete with the locals because each of these groups compete among themselves. As such, Joel Wong noted “It doesn’t matter how easy or difficult their paper is. We are not competing with the foreigners.”

In addition, Desheng Chan also asked Mr Loke to provide “strong irrefutable evidence that the majority of PRCs cannot pass GP”, because if he can’t, then his post is “no more than blame shifting with a false narrative”.

On a separate note, we would like to know if you think the sample questions below are of A-Level standards in Singapore?