SFA calls for recall of fresh Atlantic Salmon from Norway

Source: SFA.

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is recalling fresh Atlantic salmon imported from Norway due to listeria monocytogenes detected by its supplier.

The authority said that the importer, Yu Fish Pte Ltd, was informed by the supplier that the sample of fresh Atlantic salmon was from a lot produced on 25 July 2019.

The authority advised consumers who have purchased Atlantic Salmon from Norway to cook the salmon thoroughly before consumption as thorough cooking kills listeria monocytogenes.

It also said that those who are unsure if the salmon they purchased are affected can approach the retail outlet from which the purchase was made to check.

Listeria monocytogenes may cause bacterial infection, Listeriosis. The bacteria are transmitted by the consumption of contaminated food items and cannot be spread from person to person. Individuals who consumed Listeria-contaminated food may not develop any disease.

For those who fall ill due to the consumption of contaminated food, many experience mild symptoms such as fever and muscle aches, preceded by diarrhoea or other gastrointestinal symptoms. The key to prevention of listeriosis lies in hand hygiene, safe handling, cooking and consumption of food.

The authority also said that people can reduce risk for listeriosis by:

  • Thoroughly washing raw vegetables and fruits before eating. Peel them if necessary;
  • Thoroughly cooking raw seafood and food from animal sources (i.e. beef, pork, poultry, etc.);
  • Keeping uncooked meats separate from vegetables, fruits, cooked and ready-to-eat food;
  • Avoiding raw (unpasteurized) milk or foods made from raw milk;
  • Washing hands and kitchen utensils such as knives and cutting boards after handling raw food; and
  • Using separate sets of knives and cutting board for raw and cooked food.
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