Monthly Archives: July 2019

CPF Board video-records exchanges between public members and their staff

It was earlier reported that a 60-year-old elderly man Lim Koh Leong wrote on his Facebook page last Wed (26 Jun), complaining that despite having more than enough money in his CPF account to cover his daughter’s education fees, he was not allowed to use any of it for his daughter’s education (‘Man apologises to CPF Board and decides to …

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The exponential growth of the online lending industry

In recent years, online loans have increasingly become popular, with more borrowers opting for more convenient alternatives to the services offered by traditional banking institutions. In 2015, the online lending industry was close to hitting the $50 billion mark, and by 2020, one out of five SMEs is estimated to become dependent on alternative lenders. But what has spurred the …

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“Tear down this law”: Pink Dot and Singapore’s LGBTQ community spell out need for Govt to repeal 377A in the wake of PM Lee’s comments — literally

“Please, Prime Minister Lee … Lead us. Tear down this law.” Such was the message conveyed by lawyer and Pink Dot SG spokesperson Paerin Choa at Hong Lim Park last Sat (29 Jun) — a message that reverberated like a clarion call among some thousands of Pink Dot 11’s attendees, prompting them to repeat after him, just minutes before the …

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