TTSH asks elderly patient’s son to remove Facebook postings against hospital

It was reported on TOC yesterday (26 Jun), that the son of an elderly patient took to Facebook to highlight the horrible experience his mother had to endure at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH).

Due to a wrong injection given by a nurse at TTSH, his mother’s hand was badly swollen. He also reported that the doctor had to apologize for the nurse’s mistake.

“Nurse at Tan Tock Send hospital informed me that they injected the wrong fluid into my mum body accidentally; caused her to dehydrate. Doctor just apologize. Like this can meh?” asked the person.

Apparently, sometime later after his post appeared online, someone in TTSH told his mother to ask him to take down the post.

Then a day after his first post, the person uploaded another angry post stating that his mother was not administered with any sort of medication to ease her swelling. He said that “nothing is done as of 19.29pm” and he is really “pissed off (with) this kind of attitude”.

“May I ask: what my mum had done wrong to deserve this kind of treatment? Simple thing to do: can see swollen and just put medication, right?” he wrote.

“Still can approach my mum to ask me to remove the post…I think these people got time to look at my fb post but no time to take care the patients.”

Finally, his mother received some medication and the person updated his post to inform everyone about it.

But a few days later, he removed both posts and when TOC contacted him, he said the matter has been resolved.

It’s not known why the person decided to remove his Facebook posts. It’s also not known why TTSH had approached his mother to ask him to remove the postings.

There can be only 2 possibilities. It’s either what the person wrote was true and TTSH didn’t want to be embarrassed further or what he wrote was fake.

If the latter was the case, then TTSH can just make a police report against the person for posting fake news, a crime now punishable under the recently passed “fake news” law or the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA).

Apparently, TTSH did not appear to be filing any police reports against the elderly patient’s son.

TOC has reached out to TTSH for their response on the claim by the son.