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Expedia’s etiquette study shows that when it comes to good travel, your manners are the carry-on that matter most

Did you know that Singaporeans are some of the kindest travellers in Asia Pacific?

This was revealed earlier today (19 June) by Brand Expedia from the results of its 2019 Global Flight & Hotel Etiquette Study – an annual study that looks at the flight and hotel etiquette of travellers in Singapore, Asia Pacific, and around the world.

Based on a survey of over 18,000 adult travellers in 23 markets globally, including 600 adults in Singapore, the Study deduced that Singaporeans are the fourth kindest travellers in Asia Pacific, coming in only behind their counterparts in Australia, New Zealand, and India.

Additionally, the Study found that helping someone with their luggage is the most commonly-practiced act of kindness by Singaporean travellers on a flight, with two out of five (42%) Singaporeans having done so before.

Among the other acts of kindness that Singaporeans have done for their fellow passengers on a flight, the Study uncovered that three out of 10 (32%) Singaporeans have offered to switch seats with another passenger so that his/her travel companion can sit together, and one out of five (20%) have shared travel tips and recommendations with a stranger on a flight.

While Singaporeans are among the kindest travellers in the region, the study also uncovered some of their unique habits and quirks on their travels:

  1. Smelly Neighbours Most Avoided on Flights: 59% of Singaporeans would politely request for a change of seat when placed beside a seatmate that smells extremely bad.
  2. Crying Babies Generally Avoided on Flights: 50% of Singaporeans expect the parent of the crying baby to entertain the baby, while 38% expect the parent to apologise for the noise.
  3. Peace and Quiet Valued During Hotel Stays: Singaporeans consider In-Room Revellers (46%) and Hallway Hellraisers (43%) to be the most annoying type of hotel guests.
  4. In-Person Introductions Most Appreciated at Vacation Rentals: 24% of Singaporeans highlighted that an in-person introduction to the sights and restaurants in the area as the most welcomed gesture when staying at a vacation rental.

“We help millions of people travel every year, and it’s really important to us that every person has the best possible travel experience. How we interact with each other while travelling has a huge impact on how we feel about our trip, hence we were inspired to offer some research-based tips to deal with common travel annoyances,” said Lavinia Rajaram, Head of Regional Communications, Asia Pacific, Brand Expedia.

“Often we are so caught up with the joys or stress of travelling that we forget how big an impact a simple act of kindness can make for those around us. The 2019 Global Flight & Hotel Etiquette Study uncovered some interesting travel etiquette quirks shared by the travellers that we spoke to, and offers some insights into how all of us can play a role to inspire kindness on our travels,” she added.