Family of otters spotted trying to cross road in Central Business District during morning rush hour

Why did the otters cross the road? To get to the otter side.

Heavy traffic in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) is not a surprise, especially during rush hours on weekdays.

However, something surprising and out of the ordinary occurred on Thursday morning (13 June) along Anson Road – in front of International Plaza – that was a sight for sore eyes to all commuters and passersby in the area.

The already slow-moving traffic fleetingly came to a standstill as a family of six otters graced the street with their presence, attempting to cross the busy road.

Otter interest group Ottercity published a video on Facebook featuring the six otters –  three adults and three pups – huddling together as they appeared disorientated trying find their way.

In the 47-second-video, a security personnel and a passer-by can be seen directing the traffic for the otters to cross the road; but the otters were put off by the buzzing traffic, forcing them to turn towards the sidewalk.

Subsequently, the otters continued to escape the unfamiliar territory – then accompanied with prying eyes and phone cameras – as they scurried into the nearby bushes.

Ottercity, which is run by veteran otter watchers, identified the otters to be the ‘Zouk 6’ family.

In the Facebook post, the group mentioned that the otter watchers and National Parks Board (NParks) personnel went to the site to locate the otters and monitor the situation; but there was no further sighting of the Zouk 6 family in the area.

Additionally, the group later conducted “an assessment of canals and drains” around the area with the help of national water agency PUB, revealing that there were “multiple access points to larger covered canals through the smaller drains”.

Ottercity also thanked the members of the public for controlling the traffic and guiding the otters to safety.

Watch the full video here: