SDP visits Google Singapore and discuss ways the party’s online communication can be improved for the next GE

Dr Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-general of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), took to his Facebook on Monday (3 June) to share about his party’s recent visit to Google Singapore’s office.

Apart from visiting the multi-national tech company’s “spanking” office, Mr Chee also revealed that they had a “fruitful discussion” on how the “tech giant can support SDP’s online communication needs especially during next GE”.

He also noted that the opposition party is the first political party in the country to be invited by Google, the same that happened to them last November with Facebook.

Upon reading this news, many netizens congratulated the party on their move in the post’s comment section. A bunch of them also expressed their support for the party, especially for the upcoming general election, as well as their admiration for the politician.